Star Wars Celebration 2015

Star Wars Celbration 2015

The next Star Wars Celebration will be in Anaheim, California. Oh, the joy! Tickets are on sale now. I missed the Jedi Knight and Master passes. This is two years away. I can’t believe they sold out. I’m not taking any chances. I bought the four day passes, which they say gets me into 99% of what they offer.

My first Celebration!  What shall I bring?  Who will I see?  I don’t know how I’m going to stand it waiting for it to come around.

San Diego Comic Con 2013

Only my second year at Comic Con and it was amazing.

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza.  I wasn’t expecting much, which was maybe why I was so impressed.  The place had an outdoor atrium.  Very tropical:


We had a balcony, a fridge, a microwave, and a view of the golf course:


Breakfast was included.  Service was great.  I wouldn’t mind staying there again.

Comic Con was wonderful.  So many Star Wars fan.  Not so much Star Wars as I would have liked.  Surprisingly, no major stars were signing.  I did get an autograph from my all-time favorite Star Wars author, Troy Denning:


and some free Yoda ears for my dog (she wouldn’t thank me for those):


The best thing was the loot.  I finally found the Millennium Falcon sunshade!


Of course, I bought it.  That’s my car.

And here’s my Jaina tee-shirt.  I’ve always wanted a Jaina tee-shirt.  I was even going to make it myself.  Lo and behold, they are finally selling them:


I bought the Mara Jade one, also.  Yay, Jedi girls!  I love ya!

A Series of Series

Well, I did it.  I finished the three major series set in the years ABY.  Wow.  It was wonderful reading one book after another after another — total immersion.  Even the series pretty much ran back to back with only a few filler books in between.

If you’ve never read them, I suggest the New Jedi Order.  It’s the best and most original of them all.



This series introduces a new enemy never before seen — the Yuuzhan Vong.  They are beings from outside the galaxy with a value system so alien to our own and weapons created from living beings unlike any seen before.

This is a turning point for the Star Wars novels.  No longer does good always prevail.  We are left never knowing when one of our heroes is going to die.

Characters are carefully crafted.  Their development is consistent throughout, especially for Vergere, which is amazing considering the number of authors involved.  It is moving, thought-provoking, well-planned.



This series explores how Jacen descends into evil.  While parts of his transformation felt forced, I can live in that reality.  More people die. Ben grows up.  Overall, it is well written.



This is the worst series of the three.  It starts out very slow for quite a few books.  Sith are everywhere and then there’s evil even worse than Sith.  Maybe she’s thrown in there because after awhile, the Sith don’t seem all that bad.

Troy Denning wrote a wonderful finale, except it left pieces hanging all over the place.  He’s a terrific writer.  I can’t help but feel maybe he was told to do this.  With that type of ending, the series really went nowhere.



Return of the Jedi Turns 30

I totally don’t keep track of these things.  Someone asked me what I was going to do to celebrate and I was like, huh?  So what are you doing on this special day?

I’m going hunting for gold.  If I hit it big, the Force was with me.  I will feel special indeed.

San Diego Comic-Con

Who here is expecting a cool year for San Diego Comic-Con?  Now that Star Wars is back in the works, I can’t wait to see what’s new!  So, I’ve added a new counter to the site.  Only 63 days left.  It’s going to be stellar!

Revenge of the 5th or 6th?

So which is it?  Fifth or Sixth?

Got it?  It’s both!  Fifth + Sixth = Sith.  I know, I know.  So unfair.


May the 4th Be With You 2013

Today is that special day the world comes together to celebrate.  All the online sites have taken me to heaven and back.

Amazon has a Star Wars Store.  I’ve been there all morning, tempted by their Huttese Translator Ring.

Goodwill is having a Star Wars auction.

Woot is selling Star Wars models for more than 70% off.

It’s a beautiful day. :)

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Free Comic Book Day 2013

Don’t forget May the 4th is Free Comic Book Day.  Go to your comic book store for your free Star Wars comic.  Yes!  May the 4th be with you!

When They Die

You know, what’s funny about reading the Star Wars novels chronologically is that we soon begin to live this separate universe with all these characters. We watch their children grow up, get married. We’re introduced to their siblings and friends. The more we know about them, the more we want to know about them. Pretty soon, we get attached, and it’s a tragedy when someone dies.

Troy Denning did a wonderful thing with Invincible. He began every chapter with a joke that Jacen told as a child, taking the reader back to a more innocent time — flashbacks to contrast with the man he is in Legacy of the Force. What a journey it was. I am saddened by the series. What came to pass, it had to be — at such a terrible price.  May the Force be with him.

Wear Star Wars/Share Star Wars Day


The third annual Wear Star Wars/Share Star Wars Day is coming up this Friday, December 14.  Wear something Star Wars.  Donate a Star Wars toy to charity.  Learn more and join the event:

Love Star Wars, love yourself, be proud.